A humble attempt to interpret discoveries to the public in an understandable language…


This my loyal attempt to simplify the  tough language we come across in research journals and outputs so as to make it understandable to the public. Discussion of specific research topics also will be included for the interests of advanced researchers.

  I am Amal Cherian Kathalikkattil, a young researcher from India, doing PhD in Chemical Engineering in South Korea.

 My ongoing research work in chemical engineering is an attempt to design catalyst for converting the major global warming agent – carbon dioxide (CO2) – into useful products, despite its inertness to react with many chemicals.

 Previously worked in Crystal Engineering in a CSIR lab in India as Senior Research Fellow. Other areas involve the rational designing of Metal Organic Frameworks, crystal engineering of cocrystals etc.

 Worked also in National Institute of Oceanography (CSIR), India in Chemical Oceanography.

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