A humble attempt to interpret discoveries to the public in an understandable language…

This post is directly from my personal diary, not written with an aim to publish to the public. Still, if you are interested, you can read it (original date of compilation: 26th July 2010)

Being an enthusiastic listener rather than a good speaker, I have obtained enough information to compile a database of various thoughts and experiences of people and got a chance to study them. I could evaluate myself as a man with diverse experiences than many of my peers. As far as my life is concerned, mostly bitter ones seem to supersede the sweet ones when I turn back to my past. From a philosophical point of view and after thorough analyses, I could conclude those experiences as strong ones to craft me to one of the most successful persons in this world. But the reality is that it didn’t work out fully when it came to the practical side. I would never say that I was a failure; I could study a lot from the failures throughout my life and I could obtain lot of exposure through the circumstances I was brought up from. But the question I always ask myself is, “To what extent could I implement those lessons in succeeding in my further life?” Sometimes I felt that my experiences made me a cat that has drunken hot milk, which fears to take even cold milk due to its past bitter experience. Some people may say that every human life have their own troubles, but I believe that the level of trouble varies from person to person. But most of the people say, “it is me who had the bitterest experience ever”. I would call such people as a frog in a well – if they haven’t analyzed others properly. To the Frog in the well, the whole world is that seen in front of it and doesn’t realize that there is a pretty beautiful and vast world outside the well. I have seen people betraying God when they have trouble times or when lost their dear ones, without accepting Almighty’s plans or without thinking that there are still worst lives in and around them.
A common Indian citizen is a frog in a well not only in intellectual aspects, but also in materialistic aspects too. I never mean to hurt an average Indian, and don’t want to fall into trouble like Dr. Shashi Tharoor who fell in to trouble by his cattle class statement. My statement is out of my own experiences. At my age of twelve, we had to sell our house and shift to a rented house owing to some financial crisis related to my father’s business. Since then, we lived in more than a dozen numbers of houses. Still I don’t have own house, even at this age of twenty seven. I really enjoyed it – new places, new friends and new people wherever I go. I love that dynamic life, moving through different places rather than living a stagnant life in a particular village. I believe that this river is far better than spending the life in a mere pond. God gave us a wonderful life, the most excellent among His creatures. I could only pity upon elder relatives advising us to buy a house and settle down in a ‘pond’. But I never argued with them because the world outside the pond cannot be convinced to ordinary ‘frogs’ until and unless they see the world outside. My father passed away from this world and he rarely had his own house during his life span. But he was the most happiest and unbeaten man I could see in this world. His happiness and mood was not dependent on his circumstances. Instead, he was engaged in cheering others up even in the most difficult times. I always tried to copy that attitude from him. I believe he was a successful person as a human despite he earned no money or assets in this world. During the marriage ceremony of my brother, I could see elders advising him that it is time for him to settle down, and to buy own house. Obviously, my brother also has my own attitude. But I am sure, he will be in continuous compulsion to fall into a well; else he would be stamped as an odd fellow by the society.

One night, while I was having a chat with one of my best friends, our talk turned on to the subject “frog in a well”. I was wondered over his status message Koopa Mandookam (means, frog in a well in Malayalam) and made fun of him. It was he who made me think that our mind itself was inside a well. We were talking about a friend in financial distress leading to intellectual worry. Till that day, my mentality was that why should I contact a person in trouble unless I cannot help him financially. But that night I realized that even a word or an act of consolation was capable enough to bring him up. I could see that the thought really worked out.

I was happy for the time being, but the close analysis made me realize that no man is able to fully get out from that well. Now you may think that you are out of the well, and reached the river. But is the river the last word? There are land and seas outside…. there are oceans and continents… still outside there lies earth and solar system… still out are the Milky Way and galaxy… and finally lies the universe… There lies nobody who is delocalized in the whole universe – except the God, Almighty. So, ultimately it matters – to what extent we could come out of the well rather than attaining the perfection. So come-on, let us leap to our most possible extent.

Comments on: "My wild thoughts – FROG IN A WELL" (4)

  1. I love my well

  2. Excellent one Amal to some extent I can understand ur feelings…

  3. When you talk about positive, enthusiastic thinking I am thinking on the other side. I am just noting few points below. My psychological views

    Without our knowledge many thoughts and feelings will come in our mind. The one who acts according to the positive thoughts is a good man. Though we do all positive works, some powerful negative thoughts will defeat us, and will make us feel that we have done bad. My question is, from where these negative/ positive thoughts originate? The one who gets less amount of negative thoughts do less bad activities. Yes there in a supernatural power behind our each good/bad thought and action. so there is someone who makes a frog in a well, and of course when the director decides the frog will definitely come out. I was a powerful positive thinker, but on the way of life I became negative thinker due to hazards and problems.But again I became a positive thinker when my feelings became positive. God reminds us that our good activities and positive thinking is not because of our caliber. I find a Amal cherian with positive energy now, but before some years when you confronted with many problems your mind was filled with sad ,negative feelings. Praise the Lord for giving a beautiful life now, and he reminds you, If Amal gets a noral prize on Co2 convertion to useful elements, the idea was of GOD…………………………and this website also was the creation of God.

  4. Why worry about troublesome in the well! why waste time counting bricks of the well! I am looking for a way out.. Should we worry about the fall? NO. We may fall, but the outer space and God’s call is greater than the fall…

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